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Solution - Overview.

SMARTtillTM Solution will revolutionise the way you manage cash within your organisation, tackling cash handling issues from both sides - the shop floor and the back office - whilst maintaining the personal contact with customers.

SMARTtillTM Solution is the next generation in cash drawer technology.  It is able to count the coins and notes within the drawer itself; automatically within seconds after the drawer is closed.

SMARTtillTM Solution provides, in real-time:

a  cash visibility across all points of sale

a  complete audit trail of all cash handling activities

a  alerts when float-top ups and cash-lifts required

a immediate discrepancy alerts

a and identifies cash losses at transaction level

SMARTtillTM Solution is a truly powerful cash management tool that saves you time and money, and delivers a rapid ROI, visible within the first week of installation! 

Find out more about SMARTtillTM Cash Management Solution

Please send us an e-mail to access the SMARTtill TM eBook

It is very easy to trial without any disruption to existing systems and simple to test within your business so that you can calculate the actual savings available in time, money and resources before deciding to invest.

SMARTtillTM Roll Out
Tesco installs over 25,000 SMARTtill intelligent cash drawers into Tesco Extra and Superstore outlets. Click here for more details

TM Intelligent Cash Drawer is being piloted in 7 different countries in 4 different currencies.

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Cash Management
Summary of the
efit of SMARTtillTM Technology

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Multiple checkouts
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Hospitality, Fashion, etc. 
Multiple operators per till.

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